Twitch Affiliate Program Launched 4/24/17


Yesterday the large streaming platform Twitch announced its now launched Twitch Affiliated Program. This program opens the doors for twitch non-partnered twitch streamers to make revenue off their own channels. The first batch of invitations were sent our yesterday for the program and further updates will be sent out within the coming weeks.

Currently there is no way to apply into the program but that may change later. The requirements seem to be VERY low considering at the moment as well but could change later as the program grows.


The first way for streamers to earn revenue from this is by cheering with the Bit currency twitch offers. Later down the road it sounds as if twitch will add other ways but for right now this is the only way. Twitch is also having sale on Bits, so get them for cheap while you can! Here are some of the benefits of becoming an affiliate of Twitch and how they compare to a Regular or Partnered streamer.

You can read further about this on Twitch’s Blog post by clicking here. Thank you Twitch!!

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