UrNM Site Launch!



As a newer member of Unreal Nightmare you may or may not know who I am or even had the pleasure of meeting me. Over the past few months and weeks, in the background, I’ve been working on building the Unreal Nightmare Gaming website. Most of Unreal Nightmare had no knowledge that this was even happening, unless, you overheard something in party chat or got the link as a direct message. The main reason for reaching out to a few clan mates and not all was to get an idea of what I can add to the page to make it suit the clan. Reaching out to everyone would have been beneficial yet, with the amount of ideas, it would have been overwhelming.

This website is fully featured depending on your user status.  Within the site you will see current events, the latest news regarding our team, stream activities and schedule as well as other useful information such as updated rosters.

Of course, the site is still in development and new features are being added and/or moved to different places. So please don’t think it is complete. We are always looking to improve! If you have any ideas please feel free to share them with wlPHOENIXlw or myself (IC3DR460N).

Thanks for reading and hope you guys all enjoy the page.


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    Jul 7, 2016 @ 19:08 pm

    The site looks amazing! Great job and thank you for stepping up to do this.
    <3 – phoenix

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